Weight loss medications: bupropion, naltrexone, Liraglutide, Phentermine


The idea of popping a pill and losing weight is like a dream.

So let’s wake up from the dream because I would not recommend you go down that pathway.

I will tell you why.

I have seen the effects of people that take those pills.

Like all medicines they have side effects. I am not here to talk about them.

I am here to talk that those pills do not address the main problems with weight loss that could be: anxiety, depression, over eating, emotional eating, and lack of nutrition education.

So let’s talk more about the last point, nutrition education.

I think everyone should be educated on the idea that food is medicine and should be treated as such.

One should never over eat, should chew their food properly, should have unprocessed foods and clean filtered water.

On top of that I would say also that your thoughts, your ideas are part of your diet and should be nurtured with deep breaths and awareness.

So say no to pills and yes to education and respect.

The illusive magic pill that everyone wants.