Turmeric face mask


Many of my celebrity clients have fantastic skin, and here is a great secret of them for you.


So I am here to teach you how to prepare a fantastic face mask.

Precautions here is that Turmeric can stain your hands, nails, clothes and bathroom.

So use gloves and make sure you don't drop the face mask everywhere.

So the recipe is one part turmeric powder to two parts of rosehip or jojoba oil.

Mix it well, apply it to your face, and leave it for around 30 minutes, but if you want to leave it for longer, no problem.

To remove it, you must use oil! Yes, oil.

Apply a good quantity of olive oil to your face and slowly remove the mask with an old cloth or makeup remover pad.

Keep repeating the oil removal phase until your face is no longer yellow.

Then you will be glowing!

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So here is an excellent skin secret for you.