Training properly under 45 minutes


So let’s get straight to the point. What is the correct amount of exercise that anyone should be doing everyday?

And if it should be done every day is a subpoint to this point.

In terms of time there is no correct set of time one should be doing. There are some suggestive guidelines that about how much everyone should be moving everyday, but extrapolating that to one hour of exercise everyday is a huge push.

You need to take into consideration that exercise is a form of stress in the body. Yes it makes your body release endorphins and make you feel good, but exercise can be the poison also.

I always check the stress levels of my clients and adjust the session intensity and homework accordingly.

Sometimes the best homework one can do is to rest, sleep. Do nothing.

We here in the west are accustomed to doing more, and more and more.

It is not good for your health.

So now we come to the second point here:

Should we exercise everyday?

I would say NO !

Most trainers would say yes let’s do it, more.

That’s a lack of experience. It is very easy to do that.

Exercise is like medicine and should be only used in moderation.

I run my classes for 1 hour and during that time depending on the client’s fitness, stress levels, diet that one hour could be used to reduce cortisol or even to relax the muscles.

So now you know a bit more about what is necessary.

Above all we all have an internal meter that tells us when we are tired, and so on.

Next time you feel tired please, rest. Take it easy and balance your energy levels with diet, breathing and that’s is what I call respect.

In terms of time there is no correct set of time one should be doing.