Should you really train anytime at night?


I will answer this one fast and straight:




Any questions about that?

No again.

There are so many gyms out there that you can train at anytime, but why on earth would you want to train at 3am?

Even if you have a different work roster.

If you worked the whole day, my advice is to go home and sleep.

Create a better routine where you exercise first thing in the morning.

The body has internal clocks, rhythms.

Never underestimate the power of body cycles.

You are supposed to be awake when the sun is out, and when the goes out it is time to sleep!

Your body works as a symphony and even the best of symphonies needs a holiday.

Next time that you are out at 8pm , or after an airplane trip and you are exhausted please listen to your body and rest.

Time to respect you body and stop the fad gyms.

Never underestimate the power of body cycles.