The dangers of following people doing fitness and exercise lives on Instagram during the corona virus quarantine


As a qualified trainer I find that absurd and not to mention the illegal bit of it.

It is like taking your broken car to an unqualified mechanic.

It is so dangerous and people have no idea.

For you to have an idea, before I prescribe any exercise to anyone I run a one hour questionnaire that includes a lot of medical analysis.

People can die! Yes die!

Not to mention the most common injuries like neck, shoulder and knee injuries.

Exercise can only be prescribed by a fitness professional.

So next time you see that “cute” influencer teach you an exercise tell that person that it is illegal!

What people do to attract attention is beyond imagination.

So time to stop live classes by unqualified professionals.

If you have social media you are seeing a lot of unqualified people running live fitness classes.