Is every fruit good for you?


We all have this message imprinted in our brains that any fruit is great and the more the better.

In terms of nutrition our worst enemy is sugar and fructose. The sugar in fruit is the worst form of sugar since it is processed in the liver and converted into fat.

The worst thing you can do with fruit is to remove its fibre in juicing.

Only very low fructose fruit can be juiced and eaten such as avocados, lemons, some berries and cucumbers.

Cucumbers are the best fruit and I recommend you eat them daily!

Another product from fruit that is good is apple cider vinegar since it contains no sugar because it is fermented and during the fermentation process, all sugar is consumed by the good bacteria.

So now you know it!

Think well before you eat that super recommended fruit!

Not every fruit is good for you!