Natural labour delivery recovery vs caesarean; a personal trainer’s opinion


You are breathing and living right now because your mum delivered you through labour.

So there is natural labour, and there is a medical approach called caesarian.

As always, mother nature designed us perfectly.

During natural labour, the baby is massaged via the vaginal canal, making blood move and oxygenating the baby on its exit.

Also, during the baby’s exits, the baby receives a good amount of the mum’s bacteria that will populate this baby’s digestive system for life.

In terms of recovery, things are faster, less painful, and when the mum breastfeeds the baby, her uterus gets back to its original state super fast.

So a mum that delivered her baby naturally with a good diet and breastfeeding will have higher chances of having her stomach shape and body size returning to its original state.

When a caesarian occurs, muscles are cut; it is a surgery after all. The stomach muscles will never return to their original shape.

I have seen that in my job, so my recommendation is always to try a natural delivery.

Some doctors are more interested in their schedule and money so always look for doctor and clinics that will look after you properly.

And sometimes the most expensive doctors are the ones that are fans of the caesarian.

In some emergency cases, cesarian are the only choice, but in most cases, in our modern world, people are opting to have a caesarian without knowing its risks.

In terms of breastfeeding the world health organisation recommends you breastfeed a baby for two years.

So if you had a caesarian and your complaint is muscle saginess at the stomach now, you know what happened.

There are just a few procedures that can be done to try to fix the situation, but the muscle tone will never be the same.

So again, mother nature wins, the natural way is always the best one and training should be done before, during and after labour.

Like it or not, labour has been part of your life.