Six Pack: to crunch or not crunch?


As easy as it seems, we all have six packs, some covered by fat, connective tissue or excess skin.

I can say that some people genetically can have a tendency to have it, but it all comes down to the percentage of total body fat.

Basically diet.

Yes, exercise can and should be done in order to achieve the six pack look but diet is the most important factor here.

And crunches are a great way to achieve the last touches in terms of core definition. I am a big fan and I prescribe crunches to my clients on a regular basis.

The point that most people miss is the speed of it, it should be done the slowest you can.

Another important point is the number of repetitions. We are not talking about 20 or 30 reps.

We are talking about hundreds of reps, with no interval and with proper technique.

I highly recommend you come to train with me so I can guide you through this journey.

A lot of my male clients have the request: "I want a six pack."