Alcohol free beers, Heineken and other brands


I remember when I moved to Australia I was shocked to see so many people drinking and how socially acceptable it was.

Yes how it WAS.

Times have changed.

Did you know that alcohol is the most dangerous drug available and the most crimes committed are alcohol related?

And the most absurd thing is that it is permitted, available, glorified and sold around you right now.

I don’t drink, never did and never will. I don’t see the point in destroying my health. Not to mention that it is expensive.

People are tricked by clever advertising.

I remember in the 70s when I was a kid the television had amazing ads for cigarettes and how it was great for sports people.

Yes it is true, google it.

So getting back to the main issue here.

I see now that alcohol companies are migrating to alcohol free beers and that is a huge win in my opinion. They also need to make sure that it has no chemical sugar overload in those versions.

A lot of companies are investing in Kombucha! So good.

I always said to my wife that I would be alive to see alcohol being prohibited and McDonalds selling organic food.

We are getting there.

Consumers are more informed now and realising that their money has the power to break or develop any company. The art of simply boycotting a company can be very powerful.

I always say that the companies that you should be investing in are the fruit and vegetable shops!

Times have changed