How to look like superman and his super muscles


Half of my clients are males.

I train male CEOs, other personal trainers (yes I could be training your trainer) and I also train a lot of male models.

A frequent subject is the superman, the superhero and his body.

So here are a few of my tips to achieve that body:

1: Diet! Yes it is more important than the fitness routine itself.

2: Not too big, if you had the chance to see those actors in front of you, you would realised that they are actually small. What they have is muscle definition. Most men get this wrong and go for the size and end up like a gorilla.

3: Rest. Yes after a workout one of the most important things is to rest. So your body can create the desired muscles.

4: Get a good trainer. No one can have a body that is that good with no professional guidance.

5: Right proportions. This is the point where 99% of people get it wrong. Training is like sculpting your body, it is not simple and requires a lot of knowledge. Beauty comes out of right proportions and that requires an amazing clinical eye that most men don’t have. Most men think about biceps and chest. And the human body is more than that.

6: Skin and hair. Health and skin make a huge different here. One can be full of muscles but if the skin and hair quality are no good let me tell you that is not going to look good. That’s when a good trainer can tailor nutrition towards that.

7: Periodisation. Yes crazy word but a good trainer knows that really well. It means that some sessions will be harder than others and that has to do with recovery and physiology. It is a complicated issue.

8: Secrets. Yes as a trainer I have my secrets that I don’t reveal to anyone. Only to superman. Joking.

A frequent subject is the superman, the superhero and his body.