What I have learnt from training models


And I have learnt so much, especially with my model clients.

So many inside tips and tricks!

Things that you would not imagine but they work, and most of those tricks are kept locked away!

Let me share a few of them with you.

But the main thing is that most of them are very cheap and easy!

Yes, you heard me right.

Things like cold showers for muscle definition, skin and hair health.

Now those cold showers are cold water therapies known for their ability even to enhance your immune system!

Another great tip is with skincare.

Try using olive oil as a skin cleanser, and you will never look back!

And here is another one for you!

Training thinking about body parts and how to reduce them.

Yes, there is a science to it!

The secret has to do with the number of repetitions.

It must burn!

A lot.

Check my books for more detailed information.

When I look back into my career as a trainer, I see that I learnt so many things with all my clients so far.