Weight loss interventions , gastric bypass surgery, stomach stapling surgery, gastric band, gastric sleeve . Are they any good?


In my long career as a trainer I have seen lots of cases of clients that came to me after and before a gastric bypass surgery, stomach stapling surgery, gastric band or gastric sleeve.

Basically people that wanted to lose weight and took the medical approach.

I know it sounds cool, fast, you go to sleep and wake up fantastic.

It is funny that from the first time I’ve heard about those surgeries I not only found their names weird but the whole process is bizarre to say the least.

I am not a fan of them, I have close to me people almost died with those procedures.

I once was in the hospital beside of them, it was horrible. The person almost died.

And before the surgery all doctors may say it is ok, no problems.

The whole problem is that this process does not teach the patients to have responsibility.

I mean understand to respect their bodies and what they put inside their bodies.

Have in mind that the stomach is a muscle, and it doesn’t matter if you staple it, cut it, remove part of it, the remaining part will stretch to a bigger size if eating habits and respect towards the body are not correct.

And to learn about respect it takes time, a long time.

It is not with 3 sessions with a psychologist as I have seen around with people that do those surgeries.

Sorry but it looks like money speaks louder here.

Those surgeries have irreversible side effects like constant vomiting, limited nutrient absorption since vital parts of the stomach were damaged or removed.

I have seen those patients take a huge amount of pills to supply their vitamins and mineral deficiencies, not to mention the frequent vomiting.

It can not be good for you in the long run.

Another aspect here is because the extreme weight loss occurs without proper dieting and collagen creation, it creates a body that has a lot of saggy skin.

Then another surgery or a bunch of surgeries are needed to remove the excess skin.

Sorry but mother nature couldn’t create a system like that.

We are designed to self heal and to learn.

Extreme weight loss can only be done slowly, with respect, learning how to develop good eating habits.

Patience is vital here.

And that creates respect.

And that creates knowledge, self power.

And good results.

The whole problem is that this process does not teach the patients to have responsibility.