Should you exercise the upper and lower body at the same session?


One should always exercise the whole body in all sessions.

I am not a big fan of breaking down muscle groups into different sessions.

The breakdown technique was designed in the 80s by bodybuilders and has no scientific basis behind it.

It is one of those things that people replicate and have no idea where it is coming from.

Think about drinking 8 glasses of water or even that breakfast is the main meal of the day.

Time to stop those lies.

When the body is exercised in full using all muscles groups, there are many benefits like perfect body proportions, curves, reduced muscle stiffness and reduction of injuries.

When people exercise isolating muscle groups, the muscles get rigid, stiff, think about that bodybuilder that walks like a robot. Not to mention not in proportion.

So let’s add to this equation that the exercises should be performed using your own body weight.

That’s when perfection is achieved.

It requires more technical expertise from the trainer.

So next time you see people on "gym" programs isolating muscles, you know exactly what will happen.

The short answer for it is YES.