Should you create fitness goals or just train?


I would say: yes and no.

Yes, you can have a direction, but if the target is unrealistic, that could be something to avoid.

In my professional opinion, the main target should be to be consistent.

Stick to specific values, such as good diet, movement, correct breathing, gratitude and self-respect.

If one follows those simple principles, the chances of success towards a big target are huge.

Another problem that I see is that people don't even start exercising because their targets are way beyond human nature, creating a lot of fear and stagnation.

Think about someone that doesn't do any exercise, but this person's target is to climb Mount Everest.

So that's why I say that sometimes a target can put someone down.

It is always good to share those ideas with a reputable trainer to be evaluated and put it to you in the best way as possible.

So be consistent with your diet, mind and respect!

Do targets matter when we are talking about fitness?