Can you repeat the same workout over and over?


The answer to it is, NO.

The body is a fantastic machine and creates adaptations towards new stresses and exercise is a stress to the body.

After 48 hours of doing a session, your body will make small adaptations to it, so next time you perform the same movements, you will achieve it better.

How cool is that?

If you keep bringing the same stimulus, there are no new adaptations, and you will stagnate.

In fitness, we call it under training.

And that is the leading cause of people getting frustrated with their workout routines.

Day in, day out, they go to the GYM and no results.

They saw great results in the beginning, and then nothing.

So now you know the science behind that.

I am from the opinion that GYMs or any other unsupervised form of exercise shouldn't be allowed.

There is a massive room for frustration and even abandonment of exercise when people train themselves.

The classical case of this is someone who decides that they like some exercises and perform that repeatedly.

Think about that person that likes exercise bikes.

It is crucial that everyone who wants to embark on a fitness journey does that with an exercise professional's guidance.

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So should you repeat that workout that you love so much?