Should training for women be the same as for men ?


No way !

But let’s explore the subject a little bit.

As a trainer I keep analysing people’s bodies and wondering what they are doing or not doing.

In my industry there is a huge misconception that a trainer should train everyone the same way.

I follow the opposite.

I think women should look like women, with curves, and men should look like men.

There are a lot of male trainers that train women the same way they train themselves.

I have countless cases of women who come to me to be my clients, in order to correct the mistakes of another trainer. In most of the cases the women got too muscular, lost their waists, the legs got too thick, basically they look like a bit like men.

I always say that it is a million times harder to train a woman than a man.

Training for women requires a lot of good eye and technique from the trainer.

So, be careful who is training you !

Women and men training the same way?