Should and can you train a few times a day ?


Sounds good the idea of training a few times a day to get better results?

As a trainer I say that the only conditions where it applies are for professional athletes and people that really need to work hard but just for a very small period of time.

The problem with training a few times a day is that the body has not enough time to recover from the stress caused by the exercise.

If one needs to train a few times a day a few protocols should be followed.

One is a nap or short sleep after the first training session.

Another thing is a cold shower or an ice bath for 10 minutes to speed up healing.

It should be followed buy a massage and an infrared sauna or LED light therapy .

Those actions will help the body to recover faster.

The level of fitness of the person doing it should be taken into consideration.

One can not go from nothing to training twice a day.

In other words it is only advised to be done by professionals under strict guidelines to avoid over training.

If one feels any symptoms of over training a routine like that should be interrupted.

Again this can only be done with the guidance of a very experienced trainer or exercise professional and never to be done as a weight loss tool.

Is the more the better with training?