Plus size models training


I know it is absurd to classify a human being as plus size and I am totally against it, but for the purpose of this article I will use this term.

It is funny that when I train a “plus” size model, a “standard” model asks me, why are they bigger than me?

Do you prescribe more food to them?


No I don’t prescribe junk food to a plus size model, and they are super fit.

They train hard and they look amazing the way they are.

Some people are shorter, some are taller, and some are plus and some are not.

We as a society need to respect all sizes and shapes.

Brands are waking up to this and that’s great.

The negative of the plus size is when someone is morbidly obese and calls themselves a plus size model on social media.

That is the only negative side of it all.

Yes we all can be overweight and that is not something that should be promoted.

But to call a size 10 woman plus is ridiculous.

So getting back to the training aspect of it, yes they eat just healthy food and train very hard.

I am proud to train clients in all shapes and sizes and make them happier the way they are supposed to be!

In modelling standards there is a classification called plus size.