How can models look good at anytime? Discover their fitness secrets


It could be the legs, the curves, but the amount of requests that I receive like: “I want to have the legs of this person, or the chest of that other supermodel”, are endless.

So let’s talk about why you and most people think that models look good.

I have been training a lot of models for a very long time and I believe that what you see is not the leg, this or that, but the harmony of it all.

Yes, harmony.

And that’s where I work and that’s how we create beauty.

Beauty is a fine line between looking good and looking not so good.

It is basically that fine line that most people don’t know how to achieve or they over do it.

Lets talk about the over-doers.

If you are a female I would say that a non-harmonious woman would overdo the body with heavy weights, extreme core sessions, bulky arms.

If you are a male think about that “Hulk” guy where every single body part is pumped to its maximum.

Those two scenarios destroy harmony.

I always say that we must highlight very subtly your top qualities.

That’s it.

That simple.

But hey, people like to overdo.

Nature is perfect, it made us unique and very different from each other and the act of trying to look like someone else kills the harmony.

Good training is when you enter a room and people say that you look good. Just that.

So now you know the secret of all models.

To be themselves one million percent.

Just that, not more, not less.

Most people see models’ bodies as targets in their fitness routines.