My opinion on SIRTFOOD diet. Adele’s weight loss secret


I can’t affirm 100% but I have heard that she is doing a diet called SIRTFOOD diet.

So what is this diet?

The creators of this diet say the following: “the diet is based on sirtuins (SIRTs), a group of seven proteins found in the body that has been shown to regulate a variety of functions, including metabolism, inflammation and lifespan”.

Sounds strange to me.

It is basically a diet that focuses on antioxidants.

The weird bit is that they recommend foods like wine and coffee.

For me this diet is just a calorie restriction diet.

At the end of the day all diets work if they cut out junk, sugars and over eating.

This diet does that so thumbs up for that.

The fasting aspect is good too.

The negative aspects are the inclusion of coffee and wine.

If it is true that Adele is doing it, I believe the fasting is the main aspect of it.

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I wrote before about Adele and her weight journey but now I would like to explore her diet a bit more.