Pilates evolution and other forms of exercise


I am also a pilates and yoga teacher.

I consider myself an exercise prescriber. I like to study all forms of exercise, but I have a rule to never ever attach myself to any of them.

In my experience all “schools” or forms of exercise have positives and negatives.

When a trainer locks himself or herself into a single form of exercise, I think they are going the wrong way.

I will tell you why.

Pilates is a “bastardised” evolution of yoga.

Yoga is also evolving.

Any form of exercise is evolving because it is a science.

A trainer that locks his or her knowledge into a single thing, is not a scientist.

A trainer must be a type of mad scientist, trying everything, questioning, exploring and absorbing what is good and letting go of what is superfluous.

In my opinion a good trainer is someone that has a good catalogue of movements, modalities and diet.

Every client is different and even every client needs a different session based on that exact moment. For example a client that is stressed must be relaxed by the trainer and then the intensity can be put up, and that’s when a good catalogue of modalities comes in.

So before you put your soul into this or that, leave that science to a good trainer.

If you are my client and follow me you know that I am a big Pilates fan.