LA , NY and world fitness trends


Think about a market infested with personal trainers. People start to do the most ridiculous things to get one minute of fame.

During my career the most absurd things I have seen were: naked yoga, goat fitness, upside down classes, hot yoga.

The funny thing is that I think that the same people that try those classes are the ones that don’t stick to anything, I think they stick to the process of finding the most absurd thing to do.

Fitness must be based on scientific research and that requires a lot of study time. I personally study every week; I revise my knowledge and check what I am doing.

The sad truth is that most trainers are lazy, they don’t study and so you can see why a lot of them adopt those ridiculous things.

At the moment I see the fitness industry following a few absurd trends like High Intensity Interval Training, which most people know as HIIT. Yes a few exercises in a high intensity mode are fine but not a whole session and your whole fitness routine.

High intensity workouts are known to create burn out, raise cortisol, and numerous injuries.

That's a fad that I want to see gone now.

The last fad before HIIT was bootcamp. As you can see, it has gone. Done and dusted.

Another fad that is current at the moment and causing a lot of damage is the high protein diet. High protein diets are linked to liver problems and short life spans.

High protein diets can be used as a nutritional tool for a short period of time only.

The days of the whey protein scam are gone.

So, are you exercising properly or being someone's else guinea pig?

I believe that it happens due to the fierce competition that most industries suffer from those markets, and the fitness industry follows the same trend.