Physical fitness and Victoria’s Secret supermodel body


It is a pity.

I understand the company made some bad business decisions, but I still applaud them for taking things to the next level.

I get frequent requests from clients to get the “Victoria’s Secret body”.

I am not here to be a feminist, I am pro all body sizes and shapes.

To define a Victoria's Secret body, I would say that it is super toned, with long legs and a defined torso.

Nothing in excess, just proportional.

So to achieve that body, here are a few tips:

Water, I know you have heard this before, but that's the truth. Lots of water.

Never ever eat to excess. The diet must be rich in nutrient-dense antioxidant foods.

No salt. Do not add salt to your food. Vegetables and all foods already have the right ratio of sodium.

Walk. Yes, walk. The best leg toner in the universe.

Meditate, to reduce your stress levels. The body needs to be balanced to function correctly.

Exercise the right way. So no HIIT (high intensity, interval training) because it creates muscle bulk, the same for weights.

The secret in terms of exercise is the technique.

You can download my exercise videos and do it at your place. The videos are available here on this website.

So get ready! The game is on.

I am fully aware that since 2019 Victoria’s Secret changed its management and decided to stop its iconic fashion show.