How franchising is damaging the personal training industry


When money talks louder than quality, clients become mere numbers in a target sheet.

It is sad to see that many clients get scarred of this situation.

People wake up one day, decide to take control of their health and then start a journey run by scammers.

I have seen many clients that come to me in that situation.

I know that this will be short-lived, but it needs to stop.

Fitness can not have the same approach as fast-food giants.

Those "fast food fitness" providers, that's what I call those companies, have no good intentions to provide an excellent service, they are just after the dollars.

The owners of those places are just investors, just that.

So I highly recommend anyone to avoid those places and to invest locally in trainers that are serious and who work for the good of their communities.

Clients are not numbers.

So if you have been scarred by one of those places remember that there are serious professionals around.

Like any other industry, it seems that the sharks of profit have invaded the fitness industry.