Obesity and weight loss in society


The obesity crisis.

Then people talk about food pyramids, that you should be eating this and that amount of something.


In the middle of all this the birds are still flying and are very healthy, thank you.

What is going on with the human race?

I will give you my opinion here based on what I see and what I believe.

I think humans have lost their instinct. Their intuition.

Their faculty of knowing what is good and what is wrong.

So common sense is out of the window.

I am of the opinion that the domain of intuition is right there where simplicity is.

The simplicity starts with deep breathing, deep focus on your emotions and feelings.

Meditation basically.

If everyone was in touch with themselves, they would realise that they shouldn't be supporting individual companies that destroy the planet, or even overeat.

I wrote a whole book teaching people how to meditate since I use breathing exercises in all my sessions, with all my clients.

The book is called Inside Fitness available on this website.

So getting back to the issue here.

Obesity is directly proportionate to the level of self disconnection that one has with his or her inner nature.

So take a deep breath!

Go inside!

We always hear about countries getting fatter and fatter.