Outdoor Personal Training and weight lifting


I think that the media likes to portray trainers with a specific look.

In my book, health comes first.

And by health I mean clean nutrition, I mean exercise that balances the body, that elongates the body, the mix of it will make people feel good and consequently take right actions.

A person that looks like a muscle block with two legs, is not necessarily healthy .

Personal Training is a more holistic thing that sees clients as a whole. That understands that every client is unique, has different needs, and stresses.

Trainers have the responsibility to educate clients about good habits and actions with the right amount of determination.

There are no results in life without a certain quantity of will.

Most people want things without the will.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but just a few work at the level required to do so.

So now you see that we are a million miles away from a bodybuilding paradigm.

Half of my clients are males, and we work towards harmony, balance, and that creates beauty.

There is no beauty in exercise exaggeration or the use of illegal substances.

Once the chief editor of a magazine told me something that I never forgot:

“Beauty and good taste is a fine line between harmony and ridiculous. It is such a fine line that people think that the more they do something or add something, the better it will look, and the reverse is the truth".

One of my jobs as a trainer is to never let my clients go to the ridiculous side of the line.

The dark side of the force. Joking here.

And doing exercise is very easy, trust me very easy to turn someone's body into joke material.

Muscles are something that if worked in the wrong way, can make someone look cheap and lose credibility.

As always, if you read my blog and know me, you know, I always follow the simplicity pathway.

So less is better always.

Less and smarter is even better.

Weight lifting is one of the facets of what personal trainers can offer, but not the only thing on offer.