Looking older after weight loss?


You wouldn’t believe that sometimes when I train supermodels they also complain that they need to lose weight!


We are never ever satisfied.

That pushes us forward but at the same if we don’t use gratitude and respect towards what we have, we go on a road that leads to suffering.

On that note, when someone has massive weight loss without professional guidance, that leads to a lot of saggy skin and when sagginess happens the whole face falls a bit.

Yes it falls!

And when it falls it creates a lot of wrinkles, and you know that wrinkles make anyone look old.

Nobody wants that.

So I will say it again: Weight loss is a serious matter and must be done with good professionals that understand how to accomplish it without serious consequences.

There are certain things I do with my clients and that also varies from client to client.

Yes you can avoid the skin sagginess and you should!

Things like hydration, vitamin intake and avoidance of certain exercises do wonders to avoid making anyone looking old.

I feel horrified when I see someone that needs to lose weight running in a training session!

What kind of trainer does that?

Yes, that kind.

We have moved on from those torture sessions designed by the Biggest Loser show.

That show was designed to create drama and not good results.

I love to train clients that need to lose a lot of weight.

It is like seeing someone transform before my eyes!

I know we all want a bit of weight loss.