Why you should you avoid popular 12 and 28 week online fitness programs.


There are so many online fitness programs out there, 12, 28, 30 days and so on.


Yes .

There is no quick fix for your health, fitness, and looks.

You must work on it on a regular basis.

I see those programs like: “Brush your teeth for 12 days!”

Do they work? No they don’t.

The exercise part is not taking into consideration the main thing, YOU.

The diet part is a generalised diet that doesn’t take YOU into consideration.

I think those programs sell just for a while, because they all die.

Programs like that are just interested in your money and fulfil that promise of the magic pill.

Yes do this for this short period of time and bingo, done, no need to do anything else, you are ready.

Training and diet are things to be planned for years, you must plan for the long run!

No more fitness fishy scams , take responsibility for your actions.

Do they work? No they don’t.