Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Is that good advice?


I have seen so many people that needed to lose weight given this advice.

In my professional experience that is the most damaging advice one can receive.

I had clients that thought they were doing the right thing eating countless portions of fruit and potato and thinking that they could get healthier and lose weight.

I also had clients that took that advice and were juicing fruit and thinking they were detoxing.

I know it is very confusing!!!

Not all vegetables should be eaten freely and the same for fruit.

High G.I. vegetables should be eaten in moderation, balanced with low G.I. vegetables and good oils to slow down their sugar release and absorption.

High fructose fruit should never be eaten in my option, because fructose is processed in the liver and converted into fat.

Only very low fructose fruit like lemons, cucumbers, avocado and some berries in moderation should be consumed.

Sugar is the worst enemy of nutrition and fructose and high G.I. Vegetables can cause a lot of damage.

So next time someone says eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, be careful because that can be the worse advice that you have received so far.

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables in my opinion can be the worse advice given.