How to turn your life into a retreat without the Fitness Bootcamp torture


Imagine waking up and the biggest stress that you would have would be to choose the kind of massage you want to receive.

That’s a target.

So putting our feet on the ground let’s get back into reality.

Can you maybe have the life you have right now adding a few little things here and there to add value to your lifestyle without having the bootcamp mentality that you need to kill yourself to achieve results.

So I will give here a few things that you could add to your life right now and turn your nightmares into dreams.

The first thing is meditation. Yes deep breathing, very gently for at least 20 minutes. There are several techniques that I use with my clients and you can do them too, just read my book, Inside Fitness.

The second thing you could add here is to change the way you shower. Have plain cold showers, add essential oils to your current products and do a big dry skin body brush before heating the cold water.

Thirdly you could visit nature everyday. Wake up early and train in a park, beach, forest close to you! This will change your life, and is free. Basically connect yourself to your local environment. The more you do it the stronger it gets.

And last eat simply, unprocessed and never ever overeat!

Have fun, the spa is open.

We all would love to have our lives turned into a 24/7 spa retreat.