How to reduce the calf muscles size


Let’s talk here about what you should not do.

And believe it or not, most people that try to do that do everything wrong.

First rule is to never have protein powders, especially whey because whey will create water retention on your legs, and apply a bit of gravity to it and your calves will look like a trunk.

Secondly never do any leg exercises with weights, especially leg press.

Thirdly do not let a trainer that has no experience in training women train you.

So now let’s explore what should be done.

Diet. I am not going into details here. For more details read my book Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet.

And the right exercises are high repetition exercises with just your body weight and you must exercise in all directions to sculpt that muscle area.

You can exercise using my exercise videos because they use all the points I am talking about here.

The videos are available on this website.

Yes you can reduce the size of your calf muscles.