What is the best exercise to tone up the arms without creating bulk?


Yes. People complain that their arms are not strong enough, that their arms are saggy , not toned enough .

So let’s tackle this issue here.

Number one point is diet.

Fluid retention can be an issue for the arms, so do not have foods with added sodium .

Drinking enough water is another big one !

Then the next step is to move.

Here is the secret. First the arms need to toned. Specially if you are a girl .

Big arm muscles in girls do not look good .

High repetition is the rule for women. I like a combo of wall push-ups that are a signature part of my my training method and planks.

Then the intensity has to do with the client’s level of strength and fitness.

Anything above 100 repetitions is the minimum.

No weights should be used here.

For men the story is different and it requires also repetition exercises like chin ups and isometric contraction exercises like the plank and reverse plank.

So let’s create some perfect arms!

Always remember that there is a fine line between looking good and looking artificial.

Looking good is always focusing on the natural side of things.

Most women and men have a single complaint: their arms.