How to lose weight fast


So many crazy diets and exercise programs out there, so many people giving their opinion where they shouldn’t.

I always say that where diet and politics is concerned everyone has an opinions. The problem here is that you need to be qualified to give dietary or fitness opinions.

In my career I always follow a simplistic approach to everything.

The simplest path is always the most appropriate.


In terms of diet and exercise we also need to take into consideration the longevity of it and the longevity of who is doing it.

Basically a lot of diets out there don’t have enough time on the market so we can’t really know their side effects, because everything has side effects.

So please don’t be a guinea pig.

I like to prescribe dietary principles based on cultures where the majority of people live over 100 years .

That’s the best indication that they must be doing something right.

Now lets get back to the title of this article, where I included the word FAST.

I say fast because my approach is based on principles that will make you succeed in the long run.

I like to deliver fast results.

When you cut corners with your diet and exercise , it will take a long time to achieve small results. You will be basically doing trial and error.

A diet based on 100% unprocessed foods, lots of vegetables and low sugar fruits is the way to go.

And water; lots and lots of filtered pure water. Most people are dehydrated.

My biggest recommendation to you is to come and train with me, read my books and make your health your top priority.

The quest for weight loss has many avenues and a million detours.