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Anything else is a contributor to the destruction of our planet.

It is so simple but then we face the wrath of the political and economical forces that want to go against it, putting profits above life preservation.

It is a totally deregulated and psychotic approach when people think that money can buy everything, because it can’t.

Health is your birth right. Everything in the natural world was designed for your survival and care.

Things started going wrong because we now have a middle man called companies, designed to trick you and put their profit above you.

What if we followed all natural laws of health? The world would be very different.

But hey, we have the power to work towards a more healthy world and internal health.

The path is there and it is called simplicity.

When you simplify things to their ultimate core, you will be faced with the laws of the universe.

Apply that to water, it would be the most pure water, filtered by the rocks and fed by the rain.

Apply it to the food, it would be unprocessed, no packaging, no waste.

Apply it to your environment, it would have a lot of trees, living animals, oceans, rivers and so on.

As you can see, it is there but when you choose the concrete pathway, you will be faced with diseases, anger, frustration, loss.

So when I say exercise for your planet, I mean be natural, embrace your full inner nature.

Be free.

In the midst of all global warming effects, Mother Nature comes to us with a single message to live accordingly to natural principles.