How to lose baby weight after pregnancy


I am a father also, so I know how hard it is to look after kids.

And it is even more challenging for a woman.

After pregnancy, there are so many stresses, such as learning how to look after another little human being, lack of sleep, hormones, pressures on the couple's dynamic.

No wonder why so many couples split after having babies.

In the middle of all this, many women put themselves as the last priority, and their weight goes to the roof.

That's when a lot of food choices are made incorrectly.

So how to correct all this?

Number one is for the new mum to put her health as a top priority.

Starting with a good diet.

Followed by the help of a good trainer.

A new mum could start training earlier if she had natural labour.

It all needs to be cleared by her doctor.

So the starting date varies a lot.

But the most important thing is the diet.

Another great point is to try to sleep whenever she cans.

The lack of sleep raises the stress hormone cortisol, which is like poison for the body and causes of weight gain.

My advice is to start training as soon as possible.

If you are in this situation, I would love to train you.

For more tips, read my books and download my exercise videos available on this website.

This is a very common problem that affects most women.