How to avoid training injuries, personal trainer tips


So how is that done?

Rule number one is to stretch, warm-up, train, cool down and stretch again.

And I am always checking my clients during their sessions to see if I need to perform more stretches during the session, and they usually do.

Those stretches are performed with compassion, with controlled breathing exercises and following a particular pace.

I am horrified when I see exercise group classes with dozens of people performing exercises that are irrelevant to their bodies.

Then those classes are performed with high weights, ultra-high intensity.

This recipe creates injuries and more injuries.

I have countless stories to tell about clients that come to me injured in that cool group class.

Yes, that class was cheap for a reason.

So yes injures are to be avoided, so there are professional protocols that should be followed.

Rule number one in any of my classes is to avoid injuries.