Male vascularity, outdoor personal trainer tips


In the male body, one of the techniques to create a nice body is to create a few veins popping on the right places.

This is called the vascularity.

It is not an actual proper term but is used and known around.

The secret here is to not create a “Wolverine” body, but a harmonious and nice body.

When I say nice I mean not overworked.

And that applies to anything as I always say.

So to create a few veins that can pop up, firstly the percentage of body fat needs to be in a specific range.

Secondly, the diet needs to be spot on and full of antioxidant and nutrient-rich foods.

Thirdly comes Training and then a lot of super cool sequences, cool bodyweight exercises and techniques.

Lots of compound exercises that are exercises that use a lot of muscles at one time, combined with single isolation muscle movements to the desired effect.

And then repeat.

Repeat and repeat.

Determination is key.

We are not talking about 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

We are talking about hundreds and hundreds.

The results are amazing!

This technique is used when I train models and actors and it always works.

The male version of beauty is different from what females think is nice.