How to have Supermodel perfect legs, calves and gluteus


And sometimes even clients with perfect legs want to improve even more.

Women are all perfectionists in my eyes.

So firstly a perfect leg is a vague concept that can mean different things to different people.

For someone it can mean have strong legs, for another it can be to have top model legs, so you got the idea.

For education purposes, we are talking here about the supermodel legs.

So the secret number first is diet.

Diet and diet.

And water, I mean a lot of water to reduce fluid retention, create proper tone and avoid bulkiness.

Secondly is to exercise using high repetition exercises.

And not on machines, never ever on machines.

Machines create muscle bulk.

Another thing to avoid is free weights.

Basically, bodyweight exercises.

Then it comes to important part that is the exercise sequences and exercise prescription that is designed differently for every single client.

And as I said before, there are some secrets kept under 7 keys.

If you want to experience a class with me and can't come because you are overseas or interstate, please download the exercise videos available on this website!

So I say: “everyone can look amazing !”

Every female client that I ever trained without exception told me in the first session that they want to improve their legs.