Fasting, weight loss and metabolism


Fasting is never ever something that will reduce your metabolism.

I have heard that so many times and that is quite the opposite.

Fasting resets your metabolism.

When someone doesn’t have breakfast a lot of good things will happen. I am not going to go into all the details here but if you want to go further, you can read about that in my book Ricardo Riskalla Training Diet.

I know breakfast is not the main meal of the day, contrary to what Mr Kellogg said while he was trying to cure people of masturbation. Yes you heard it right, if you don’t believe me just Google masturbation and Kellogg.

So moving on here, fasting is great tool to achieve weight loss, reset the body and give a break to the system.

There are various fasting protocols and I use a few as a tool.

Every case is a different case and I love what fasting produces.

There are many great studies around fasting; I love to stick to the ones from Cornell and Harvard universities.

So next time anyone asks you about fasting and slowing down metabolism you know what to answer.

Those three words have been used a lot lately.