Sydney’s lower north shore best outdoor training spots, from Neutral Bay to Palm Beach passing though Avalon and Whale Beach. Taking your fitness to the next level


I like it because Sydney’s lower north shore has amazing beaches, parks and the main thing is space, lots of parks full of trees.

I had the opportunity to live in different countries and I have to say that Sydney is the best.

So let’s talk bout exercising outdoors in Sydney.

Here, I say, from Mosman to Neutral Bay, there are so many ways to exercise in nature.

The number one place you can go in my opinion is George’s Head lookout. The view is beyond amazing. If you train in there you will feel that you are part of something out of this world.

Number two is to training at Balmoral Beach on the left side facing the ocean, basically you will have to walk on the rocks and you will see what I mean! It is a mix between being in the Caribbean Islands and the moon.

In third place I would say walking from Neutral Bay to Chinaman’s Beach around the shore. This walk is always empty and is stunning and very peaceful. You can also start it at Cremorne Point and just follow the track to Mosman. Easy.

Stop at any point on this walk and do a training session surrounded by wildlife and Mother Nature. You will thank me later.

Going a bit further north I also love training in Palm Beach! The section right before the sand dunes, very close to the lighthouse is perfect. You will feel like you are on a holiday in a land far, far away.

Right beside Avalon Beach you will find Whale Beach. “Whale” as I call it is a hidden gem, not everyone knows about its existence and that’s great. The whole beach and ocean is a frequent spot of mine to relax, train and enjoy nature. On the right side there is a bit of grass where you could train under the shade of amazing trees and look tout o the ocean.

Ok, check out those spots and embrace nature and the beauty of training outdoors.

Let’s start here saying that my favourite part of Sydney is the lower north shore.