Weight loss Plateau. How to avoid it and achieve your targets


So let’s explore what it could be.

One it could be that you are doing way too much exercise and your body is producing too much cortisol and cortisol impairs weight loss.

The solution in this case is to reduce your training schedule and always have a trainer to guide you here. I mean a one on one trainer, not a group class. I have seen so many people burnt out from group classes and their excess of intensity.

Another point could be that your protein and carbohydrate ratios are wrong and the solution here is to always look for a professional and never ever try to create a diet without guidance.

A simple thing here that most people overlook is dehydration. Yes most people don’t drink enough water and filtered water. I don’t consider tap water drinkable by any means; so good quality water is paramount here.

We are mostly water and you need to drink it everyday.

Another great point here is that you must be eating way too much, your portion sizes could have increased, your crockery needs to be smaller and you need to stop eating before you feel full.

Above all you must have the guidance of a trainer that understands nutrition.

Training without a diet is like trying to build a house without building materials.

Like anything in life you might hit a plateau on your weight loss journey.