The problem with gym fitness, the bodybuilding paradigm


This current paradigm is based on a model where you need to pay a membership, to belong to a club in which you can exercise using machines.

The old exercise paradigm from ancient Greek times was based on outdoor body weight exercises, good eating and spirituality.

As you can see those two scenarios are almost antagonists.

The gym scenario relies heavily on the bodybuilding look. The over muscly body with almost no emphasis on health.

The gym environment and proposal requires the client to choose exercise amongst machines and makes the client dependant on a system where choice is made on taste and not knowledge.

As a personal trainer I am very against people exercising without professional help, and that is exactly what happens in most cases.

The results are questionable, not to mention injuries and frustration, leaving many in desperation.

I always like to think that exercise professionals are like car mechanics. Imagine if your car breaks and you try to fix it. It may work but it might not, since you have no clear idea of what you are doing. Now apply that to fitness and you get the idea.

I believe in my heart that the ancient Greeks were way more evolved than us in many aspects.

As a fitness professional I say that we can’t let companies take over the industry with regular fads and short lived exercise modalities .

If you ever get confused here remember that nature and the simplest way is always the way to go.

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I say that since the 80s we have been living under the gym fitness paradigm.