Sleep time vs body weight


Yes there is!

When one does not rest enough the body cannot do its job during the night. During the night the body rebuilds itself.

In general we all need around 8 hours of sleep every night. We also need to take into consideration factors like age, cultural background, genetics and the level and intensity of physical activity.

Usually the more exercise one does the more sleep and rest is necessary.

I personally have most of my genetics from Spain and as you know in Spain people sleep after lunch for 1 or 2 hours. I was raised in a different country but after lunch I have this urge to sleep. There you go! The power of genetics speaks louder.

When I have a small sleep after lunch I feel amazing!

So what happens when we do not sleep enough?


And when we have stress in the body we have more of a hormone called cortisol and this hormone impairs the usage of fat as fuel and we end up putting on weight.

Basically the body thinks we are in danger and our biggest stress is and was to find food.

So doesn’t matter what kind of stress you bring to your body, it will always interpret it as a need to store food because there is not enough food available.

So sleeping is vital for many things!

Sleeping is my favourite sport!

Do more of it.

Set up an alarm to go to bed and that will help you a lot.

Is there a relationship between how many hours you sleep and your body weight?