Do you need a heart rate monitor? 


I remember that ages ago I used to run with a heart rate monitor.

It was a horrible experience, a beep here and another alarm there…

Really annoying.

A real vibe killer.

That’s one point I make. It is really annoying.

Another point is that some days your heart rate will be higher, because you are tired or due to so many other factors.

We are not machines, we are humans and your heart rate will change also.

Those monitors are also expensive and I have seen so many people get them, and use them for a maximum of 3 months.

So I would recommend you just train, relax and enjoy your training.

When things get too rigid or controlled, your training will become a time bomb.

And you will stop training, because no one likes to be controlled.

Training needs to be fun.

Have fun.

So do you need to actually track anything?