Deadlifts, pull-ups, planks and some outdoor personal trainer tips


The other day I was checking what are the most performed exercises around.

The list is simple, deadlifts, pull-ups and planks.

Those 3 exercises together are the foundation of Fitness.

When I say foundation, I am not joking. I mean every single other exercise that has ever been performed and will be performed are variations of those 3 exercises.

What does it mean?

It means that they are great and should be treated with significant respect.

All upper body exercises are variations of pull-ups or as we call it in Australia, chin-ups.

I always say that a client reached an average strength level when he or she can perform a full pull-up.

I also like to use all variations of squats. And they are endless. Each one has a specific use and a specific result on the legs, like toning, size reduction, firmness and so on.

Secrets kept under 7 keys. Not to be revealed.

Same for pull-ups. I developed a few amazing protocols.

Training is like cooking, a bit of this, a bit of that and done, magic.

I remember eating in New York the most amazing vegan food, and that had to do with the chef’s technique.

No matter how you try or I try, that taste created by that chef is unique.

Same for Training.

The recipe for perfection is out there.

The list is simple, deadlifts, pull-ups and planks.