What to do before, during and after an aeroplane trip


So let's talk about a few tips:

Before entering the aeroplane tips:

-Organise meals to take inside the aeroplane and a big empty water bottle that you can refill once inside the craft;

-Apply lots of body and face oil to avoid dehydration.

During the trip tips:

-Drink at least 3 litres of water;

-Walk inside the craft every hour;

-Do squats and push-ups if you can move the body;

-Avoid aeroplane food because it is high and salt and it creates fluid retention;

Tips for after the rip:

-Drink at least another two litres of water;

-Have a cold shower;

-Try only to eat if you are hungry;

-Go for a gentle walk outdoors.

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That aeroplane trip can create a lot of damage.