My opinion on Keto Diet


Every few months there is a new diet out there.

This time I will give you my professional opinion on the Keto diet.

Firstly let's say that in essence, all diets work in the beginning because they all cut junk food, processed foods, and hopefully they will cut alcohol also.

The keto diet bases itself on one premise, it is a low carb diet that is high in fat. Keto has variations based on protein content.

So here is my opinion.

In the long run, the Keto diet is not good and can be dangerous.

The high protein, high fat can take its toll on the liver, kidneys, and mental health.

I am not a fan of new diets, and not supported by decades of research.

I am pro diets and dietary plans based on proper research and based on longevity.

Longevity diets are not based on high proteins or high-fat content approaches.

People that do Keto and Paleo also have terrible dehydrated skin due to the high protein intake.

I also would like to mention that high protein diets damage the body and will accelerate aging.

Who wants to look older and die faster?

Keto is just another fad that should never be around in my opinion.

Same for the Paleo diet.

Those diets are on the decline and for a good reason.

So no for Keto and Paleo

So let's go again, boys and girls.