Is your trainer training you like a dog?


I remember when I was beginning my career as a trainer and I had to be trained by other trainers as part of my qualification assessments. In that process I was exposed to different training formats.

Some of those formats were very questionable. To be honest 80% of those trainers were questionable in my opinion and after a few years I saw that all of those trainers went broke and were out of the market.

So my gut feeling was right.

One thing that those trainers had in common was the inability to listen to their client’s needs, and likes.

Another factor was that those trainers were abusive.

They spoke loud, some screamed like army sergeants, some didn’t talk at all.

Above all, those trainers had an agenda; the objective was to glorify their egos and their huge biceps.

So if your trainer is one of “those”, I would take some action and get another trainer.

Training is about respect, listening, balancing.

In my sessions, I always check my client’s stress levels and listen to them before we start our sessions.

Active listening is crucial for success and most people have never heard about it.

So if your trainer is more concerned about his or her biceps, run

Training is about respect, listening, balancing.