Is it a good idea to do Olympic weight lifting?


Is that a real and legit association to do it?

Yes, and no.

Yes, in terms of exercise, determination, persistence.

And in certain aspects, it is good exercise.


I say no because it is a hardcore exercise. I am not a big fan of very heavy weights.

I have seen so many people come to train with me with severe back and shoulder problems from doing Olympic lifts, especially from hard core and functional classes.

It is the old exercise paradigm that people think that the heavier the weights the more results one will get.

Unfortunately, the result is an injury and it can be a permanent injury.

Meaning, pain for the rest of your life.

I think that most of the population should never do anything like an Olympic lift.

There are much better exercises for fitness and health that do not compromise your body and quality of life.

And of course, they should be prescribed by a qualified exercise professional.

It all gets back to the balance between too much and too little, but the “too much” side of the equation always ends in damage for your health.

It is always better to go slow and with the guidance of someone that studied and works full time in fitness.

We all associate heavyweights with strength and fitness.