How to get rid of love handles?


Jokes aside it is a very problematic area that most of us want Ito be rid of forever.

Number one thing here is diet.

A diet rich in potassium-rich foods like cucumber will help a lot.

Lots of filtered water.

Sodium reduction , so basically no added salt to the diet.

Exercise is very important also.

Moving the body in low to moderate exercises like walking, yoga, pilates do wonders here.

Core exercises are highly beneficial to tighten the skin and reduce the side of the “handles”.

Think about sit ups, planks and pilates moves.

The number of repetitions and the pace are very important.

High repetition is the way to go and a very slow pace to increase the muscle tone and skin elasticity.

Another great point here is cold showers to avoid fluid retention.

I would also combine dry skin brushing in some cases.

So let’s love our handles !

For more exercises please download my exercise videos available on this website.

That’s the only body part that has the word love associated with it and no one loves it.